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Honeymoon Banonza Jomsom "The Hidden Kingdom"

Jomsom Honeymoon Banonza

Jomsom is situated north west of Pokhara at the altitude of 2667 m. plus (approx), lapped in between Mt. Nilgiri (7000m.) & Mt. Dhaulagiri (7667 m.). The mighty river Kali Gandaki; flow by its ride. Jomsom with its airport inclusive stretches to a kilometer length with its single cobbled street! Jomsom is the district head quartzes of Mustang, which is the one of the districts of Nepal on the northern ride of the Himalayas.

Jomsom is thinly populated (approx 2000 in nos) and without motorized vehicles, hence a noise free area, it is a well known fact noise is against the human pschyco. Hence stay in Jomsom release you from stress sand anxiety. In other words BE LOST IN SOLITUDE. Jomsom has the best of Hotel accommodation with all modern amentias but without room air conditioners. You do not require it!

Even in the month of sizzling May, the day time temperature in Jomsom is around 20 degree Celsius. Mustang is the only district in Nepal, where you find maximum number of Ponies, a mode of transportation for local and a means of pleasure for the visitors.
Jomsom may be seen with apple-laden orchids in month of August through December.
Jomsom commands a lower snow-line in all seasons with the Majestic snow capped peaks to be seen right from your hotel verandas and rooms. Such Himalayan nearness is not to the found in others parts of Indian continent.

Food of your choice, say continental or Indian, is available. Jomsom is a beautiful mix of indo-a gantqetic plain & Tibetan pletau, thus one can experience Aryan as well Mongolian culture and topography amalqmated. Nature is at her full exposed Majesty and you are just to enjoy it.

River Kaligandaki creates the deepest gorge of the world while of flows in between the Mt. Nilgiri and Mt. Dhaulagiri. The width span of the valleywhere river Kaligandaki flows in between the towering Mt. Nilgiri and Mt. Dhaulagiri is only 5 Kms! Enchanting and Enjoyable experience while you fly in and fly out from Jomsom to Pokhara.

Seasons to Visit:
August to January:
To enjoy a happy cold wealthier. Temperature around 12 degree Celsius in day time.
To enjoy a down to ground snow line and sometimes a snow fall in Jomsom.
To enjoy a serene bright Sun shine with apple orchids everywhere.
Require used for your Journey to Jomsom:
Light full over in the month of March, April, May, June and August, Warm clothes in the months of September & February in advised.
Scarts, sunglasses, common hiking shoes and sun cream is also required.
Instead of saree, Pants or Salwar, Kameeg, T-short will be better for women visitors to Jomsom.
Jomsom has a photo friendly beauty hence visitors should be caring camera. Still or Movies, Photo reels are available in Jomsom. However expensive then your town, hence sufficient photo reels from Pokhara should be carried.
Visitors in Jomsom if Indian should carry identity card. Foreigners exclusive of Indian should be carrying valid passports with necessary endorsements.
Jomsom has bank facilities.

February to June:

To enjoy a cool wealthier. To enjoy a red rododendron carpeting of nature while you fly from Pokhara to Jomsom, near Ghorepani pass.
To enjoy a panaromic view of ANNAPURNA RANGE (Himalayas) from the Air for a complete 20min without paying for a mountain flight.
It is a pleasing change from the hot wealthier of Indian plain to cool environment of Jomsom.


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Silvana Pagani from Italy wrote in 2011 about her experience in Nepal with guide, Sanjib Adhikari:

This year at the end of February I went in Nepal for 18 days for the second time and I did a small trek in the Annapurna region. I went to visit Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bakthapur and Nagarkot and I saw the National Park of Chitwan and in this trip I had the pleasure to meet Sanjib Adhikari. He is an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal and he has already obtained trekking guide license from the ministry of tourism, government of Nepal.

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Upper Dolpo trek lies hidden behind the Dhaulagiri Range in Nepal’s mid-western region where snow fed streams run off high mountains but few are perennial. Lower (Outer) Dolpo is characterised by a semi arid topography with deep gullies and narrow valleys while Upper (Inner) Dolpo comprises a vast arid region of rolling semi-desert highlands, a continuation of the topography of the Tibetan plateau.

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