Saturday, April 5, 2008

Visitors Arrival in March 2008 (by air only)

Visitors Arrival in March 2008 (by air only)

Healthy Growth ContinuesThe total arrival figures in March, 2008 reached 40032 up by 17.3 percent compared to the same month last year. This is stated in the figure released by Immigration Office, TIA. The arrival figures from all market segments are very encouraging except some Asian ones. Indian market, which has suffered a negative growth since last few months, has witnessed a growth of 9 %. Similarly Bangladesh (47 %) has also recorded a robust growth.European market as a whole has registered a very optimistic figure with whopping growths from some individual markets. The arrival growths from Denmark (178 %), Norway (83 %), Spain (64 %), Sweden (134 %) and Austria (55 %) are very noteworthy. Moreover, the UK and USA markets reflect a very promising sign of growing consumer confidence on Nepal as the UK market grew by 27 % with considerable share (10 %) and the USA rose by 42 % with 8 % contribution in the total arrivals.Most of the major tourist generating markets of Nepal shows a very encouraging picture this month despite a negative growth of Japanese market. The arrivals from France and Germany grew by 34 % and 8 % respectively.However, some emerging markets suffered this month compared to the same month last year. Malaysia, Thailand and Israel are the markets with negative growth this month.The total arrivals in the first three months grew by 16 % to 96137. The UK and USA markets are very much encouraging in terms of their share in the total arrivals and additional number of visitors in the last three months over the same period last year.One of the reasons of continued growth in tourist arrivals is the stable political situation and consumer's confidence on Nepal. Good air connection between Kathmandu and other international cities has contributed substantially in improving tourist arrivals in Nepal.

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