Sunday, September 14, 2008

NTB installs Tourist Information Board to disseminate information

NTB installs Tourist Information Board to disseminate information
Access to authentic information plays a significant role in organizing today's world. If furbished with sufficient and precise information, it becomes easier to accomplish tasks easily and in less time.

Foreseeing the role it could play in bringing a revolution in the tourism industry, the Ticker Board or the Satellite Control Board installed at NTB is the first of its kind to be introduced in the country. The board was inaugurated amidst a function by Mr. Prachanda Man Shrestha, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board on August 30, 2008. Mr. Shrestha highlighting the need of such technology in today's world said the ticker board installed at the NTB premises is the collective property of the tourism industry of Nepal. Prior to this, Mr. Subash Nirola, Senior Director of NTB welcoming the guests said the installation of board would be helpful in information dissemination.

It helps to disseminate authentic information to domestic as well as international tourists in a visible and organized manner. The instant access of information to every passerby will also be an advantage. Today, being the era of media, news and reliable authentic information; its use will further enhance the self confidence of recipients in managing their daily life in a constructive manner.

Its size is 28X204 inches and has memory of 15,000 characters. This is the only board of its kind in Nepal with day and night visibility though installed outdoor.

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