Monday, December 8, 2008

Interactions on draft Tourism Policy 2065 organized Press Release

Interactions on draft Tourism Policy 2065 organized Press Release
December 4, 2008

Nepal Tourism Board in coordination with Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation organized a series of comprehensive interaction programs on draft Tourism Policy 2065 on November 25, December 1 and December 3, 2008 with diverse tourism stakeholders at Nepal Tourism Board. Chaired by Hon'ble Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ms. Hisila Yami and actively participated by travel trade entrepreneurs, foreign expatriates, tourism experts and academicians and trade unions, the programs aimed to incorporate issues, ideas, challenges and present status of tourism in the new tourism policy of Nepal.

During the interaction program, Hon'ble Minister focused on the need of people-centric new tourism policy and pointed at the government's greater concerns on real value of tourism and its contribution to economic growth, poverty alleviation, equity and overall tourism development in the country. "Co-operation and partnerships between public and private sector are important for the further development in tourism and civil aviation to make tourism vibrant and dynamic", she added.

The trade sector emphasized the urgent need to declare Tourism Industry as a "National Industry" and also requested for promulgation of Road Accident Act, provision of insurance and a separate labor policy for tourism sector. The foreign expatriates suggested that tourist friendly environment should be created and expressed their views that the unique sales proposition of Nepal was none other than its unique natural and cultural beauties. Everyone agreed that the main focus of new tourism policy should be on expanding the tourism to the interior parts of the country which helps generate employment, minimize leakages, and promote equitable development. The participants at the interaction programs unanimously articulated the fact that there is a tremendous scope of ecotourism in Nepal and thus upcoming tourism policy should highlight it. The tourism stakeholders and representatives of trade union stressed on urgent need for separate "Tourism Labor Policy". The trade unions equally emphasized the instrumental role they have played in ensuring safety and security of the human resources in the hospitality industry.

"The more pragmatic the policy, the more effective the implementation", underlined all the participants in the interactions.

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