Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Busy Everest witnesses several records this season

Busy Everest witnesses several records this season

On Tuesday alone, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation reported that 23 people, including 11 Sherpas, reached atop Everest. The successful summiteers included five Americans, three Britons, two Canadians and one Turk.

The month of May marks the favorite mountaineering time in spring season as mountaineers enjoy a window of relatively stable climatic conditions allowing them to attempt to scale the 8848 m high Mt Everest.

Some 550 people are expected to go for climbing this season from Nepal and Tibet . A total of 23 expeditions have received permission from the Nepal government to scale Everest this season.

Nepal 's legendary mountaineer Appa Sherpa broke his own record by successfully climbing the Everest for 17th time.

Samantha Larson, 18, of California, US, became the youngest foreigner to scale the peak last week. Reaching the summit with her father David, 51, the pair also became the first father-daughter team to have set their foot on Everest.

One Briton, Rod Baber, claimed to be the first person to make a cell-phone call, supported by China Telecom, from the summit on Monday, while another was the first to fly over the summit in a paraglide on Thursday. The cell phone voice was recorded and uploaded in his blog as well.

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