Sunday, February 17, 2008

The National museum

The National museum

The National museum of Nepal was established in 1928AD as an Arsenal museum in the historical building, which was raised in early 19th century AD during the premiership of General Bhimsen Thapa. The initial name of this museum was Chhauni Silkhana which literally means "the stone house of arms and ammunitions". It was opened as a public museum in the year 1938AD by the then Prime Minister Juddha Shamsher JBR. He not only allowed the Nepalese to visit the museum charging very little but also raised a building for an art museum and named it after him Juddha Jatiya Kalashala. Until then only foreign scholars/dignitaries and invitees or guests of the Rana Prime Minister occasionally could have a glimpse of this wonderful collections. It was only in the year 1967AD this was named as Rashtriya Sangrahalaya, the National Museum of Nepal during the rule of His Majesty the King Mahendra.

There are three building within the museum premises for the exhibition of artifacts:

  • The main historical building
  • Juddha Jatiya Kalashala
  • Buddhist Art Gallery

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