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Dolpa - At A Glance !

Dolpa - At A Glance !

The district lies completely on the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal and borders Mustang on the east, Myagdi, Rukum and Jajarkot in the south and Jumla and Mugu districts on the west, and the Tibet region of China on the north.
The district spans an altitudinal range of over 5,000 meters from a little over 1,500 meters at Tribeni in Kalika VDC to 7,381 meters at the summit of Churen Himal. Kanjiroba (6221m), Mukot (6638m) and Putha Hiunchuli (7246m) are other noted peaks. Physiographically the lesser ranges of the Great Himalayas constitute the southern border of the district. Between these and the border mountain ranges of Gautam Himal and Kanti Himal to the north Dolpa district is a maze of often wide glacial valleys and ridges. Kanjiroba Himal and Kagmara Lekh running north-west to south-east separate the valleys of the Jagdula in the west with the rest of the district.

Area: 7889 sq. km.

District Headquarters: Dunai

Population: 29545

Ethnicity: Hindu 60%, Buddhist 40% (including 5.5% ancient Bonpo Religion)

Altitude: 1525m from sea level upto 7754m variation

Climate: Himalayan; above the snow line, Alpine; found in Bhot region and high
mountain in the south; Cold temperature between 7000 and 13000 feet and sub temperate climate below 7000 feet.

Religion: Buddhists, Hindu, Bon and Shamanistic

Language: Nepali, Dolpo (Analogous to Tibetan with native dialects), Kaike (indigenous to the Tichurong valley of Dolpa)

Economic Occupations: 79.5% agriculture, 2% service

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