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Visitors Arrival in 2007 shows 27.1% growth

Visitors Arrival in 2007 shows 27.1% growth

The visitors to Nepal by air has been recorded 27.1% growth over 2006 with the arrival figure reaching 360,350 all time high since 2000 against 283,516 in 2006. In 2000, the number of visitors arriving Nepal by air was 376914. Since then, it has continued to plummet due to various socio -political reasons. One of the main reasons for inspiring growth in 2007 in tourist arrivals is the ongoing peace process and political stability in the county.

Another reason is the good air connectivity with many destinations ushered in by the operation of 9 new international airlines to Nepal in 2007. 2008 seems to be very promising year for Nepalese travel trade as more new airlines are coming and existing airlines are also extending their flight frequency to Nepal

December 2007 registered a growth of 13 % in the international visitor's arrival to Nepal by air route. The total visitor arrivals reached 29895, up by 3433 compared to the same month last year, according to the data released by Immigration Office Tribhuvan International Airport. A growth of 25 % has been recorded in the visitor arrivals from Europe, US and other non-Indian Asian tourist generating countries while Indian arrivals has been fallen down by 8.5% during this month.

The key contributors to the arrivals from Asian market were China and Singapore which showed an exceptional growth during this month with gains of 114.6 %, 92 % respectively. The East Asian markets Japan (-12.3%), S. Korea (-9.4%) Malaysia (-22.9 %), however showed some decline.

The European markets have too recorded an encouraging growth (19.8%) during the month with arrival numbers increasing from almost all the markets excepting a few. Growth was observed from Switzerland ( 97.8%). UK (21%), France (33.4%), Belgium (56.1%) ,Denmark (34.5%) Spain (41.9%) and Germany (19.6%),. The Dutch arrivals have too increased by 26.7%. The only markets to come down were Austria (-22.2 %), Israel (-8.1%) and Italy (-4.2%).

The Americans market has too registered a growth of 33.7% while Australian arrivals have gone up extremely well up by 41.4%.

The total non-Indian visitors, which contributed 70.1%, share in overall December arrivals registering a 25 % growth indicates the growing consumer confidence and interest towards Nepal from the long haul markets.

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