Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tourists increased by 43.26% in Lumbini

Tourists increased by 43.26% in Lumbini

Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha, UNESCO World Heritage Site presently has been better exposed to the global people. The number of tourists has increased in Lumbini in the year 2007. The tourist arrival data of the Information Centre, Lumbini Development Trust shows that the tourists have been increased by 43.26 % in this year. The total number of tourists' was 49595 in 2006. It has increases to 71053 in 2007 except Nepalese and Indian Nationals. Tourists and pilgrims from 85 countries have visited Lumbini last year. The tentative data shows approx: 400000 tourists from Nepal and India visited Lumbini in 2007. The main reasons for inspiring growth in 2007 in tourists arrivals in Lumbini is because of peace process, political stability, the rapid development of Lumbini master plan project components and promotional activities of Lumbini.

Sri-Lankan pilgrims topped the highest number of visitors to Lumbini in the year 2007, counting 30375. Visitors from Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Japan and China are 12880, 5219, 3641, 2681 and 2175 respectively. Visitors from new 9 countries like Macedonia, Peru, Laos, Guatemala, Brunei, Bosnia etc. has also visited Lumbini in the year 2007. There is a great charm of religious and spiritual tourism in the recent days.

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