Friday, May 9, 2008

Visitors Arrival in April 2008 (by air only)

Visitors Arrival in April 2008 (by air only)

May 2, 2008,April
Records a marginal decrease of 1% to last year

The arrival figures released by Immigration Office, TIA indicate that visitors' arrivals to Nepal in April 2008 reached 32,665, which is a marginal decrease of 1% as compared to same month last year. However European Sector remains unchanged with almost the same figure as compared to the April 2007. France grew up by 21%, Austria with 20%, Netherland & Israel with 28%, Switzerland with 66%, Spain with 25%, but UK, Sweden & Germany decreased by 20%, 31%, & 20% respectively.
There are some significant growths recorded; Australia & New Zealand arrivals show a growth of 51%. Closely following the trend are Canada & USA with the growth of 25%. The arrival figure shows a decrease of 18% for the Asian countries. SAARC countries arrival is decreased by 14% where India has the share of 19% decrement. Bangladesh on the other hand shows an extraordinary growth of 60% which may be the positive impact of the recent Bangladesh Sales Mission program held vigorously. Taking the data into consideration, the main reason for the decrease in arrival might be the prediction of uncertainty in the minds of travelers due to our Constitutional Assembly (CA) Polls.
Analyzing the total number of arrivals in the first four months of this year, it shows 1,28,802 visitors to Nepal with an increment 11.15% than the total arrival of the same period of last year. Therefore, we are still hopeful of getting a healthy growth in days to come. The successful completion of the Constitutional Assembly Election with peace being reinstated in the country will definitely give a good message to the potent travelers and also to the travel trade fraternity of the world.

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