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Australia a focus for the future of Nepalese tourism

Australia a focus for the future of Nepalese tourism

The first week of July saw the beginning of Nepal Tourism Board's Sales Mission to East Coast Australia. In recognition of the importance of tourism to Nepal's economy the Nepal Tourism Board has undertaken a series of international sales missions to various countries identified as either key or emerging markets for Nepal.. Australia generating approximately 10,000 visitors per annum has been identified as having potential for market expansion. Travel from Australia to Nepal has been steadily growing over the last few years, with astounding 42% in 2007, and by broadening the product offering in the market, Nepal is confident of sustained growth.
In support of this belief, was recent tourism market research which indicated that Australian travellers are seeking new experiences and new destinations when they travel One of their key requirements is that the destination is real and the travel experience authentic. The main segments of outbound travellers from Australia are Backpacker/Youth and "Baby Boomers. Travel and enjoyment of life is a key motivation for this sector. To attract these segments the sales mission was an endeavour to explain the Australian agents just what Nepal has to offer their clients.

Famous for its iconic Mt. Everest and the Himalayas, the sales mission stressed that Nepal is more than that and has a plethora of experiences for the visitor:· Chitwan National Park· Birthplace of Budha - more than a 1000 monasteries· The Snow Leopard· The legendary Gurkha warriors.

The culture, history, wildlife and golfing were all highlighted as activities appealing to Australians. The lucrative (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibition) MICE market was also promoted where, in an endeavour to source new and exciting MICE experiences to a jaded corporate community, agents should consider Nepal.

The Sales Mission ran over one week 30th June - 4th July commencing in Melbourne where some 75 agents and media attended the workshop to meet with the participating Nepalese operators who represented Nepal's private sector. The participants were:Mr. Ravi Chandra Hamal - AmaDablam AdventuresMr. Shree Man Singh- Insight Nepal Tours & TravelMr. Gyalgin Sherpa - South Asian HolidaysThe evening was opened by the newly appointed Nepalese Ambassador to Australia Mr. Yogendra Dhakal who welcomed attendees and stressed the value of tourism to Nepal. This welcome was followed by an address by the Tourism Secretary of Nepal, Mr. Leela Mani Paudyal, presenting an overview of the government's vision for tourism in the future. Mr. Aditya Baral, Director of Nepal Tourism Board ( now on deputation as Advisor- Foreign Relations to the Prime Minister), reassured the attendees of the commitment to safety and security for the valued tourist from Australia.

In Sydney the Sales Mission attracted in excess of 140 people wanting to learn about Nepal and the week concluded in Brisbane with 45 agents attending a breakfast workshop where the Mr Michael Wille from Nepal Consulate in Brisbane offered his assistance to the industry in helping to secure group business for Nepal through providing talks on Nepal, advice and information on the destination. This was particularly relevant as several of the agents attending were specifically at the breakfast because they had travellers for 2009.

At each Workshop there were two lucky draws, the first an 8 day trip for two to Nepal and the second a gift voucher of $200 from the Kathmandu store. The Winners of the 8 day trip to Nepal were:Melbourne Nathan Ward - Agent Sales Peregrine & Gecko's AdventuresSydney Beth Farrugia, Special Groups Consultant, Wendy Wu ToursBrisbane Guy Clothier,Travel Consultant, Student Flights.

As an inaugural event, all participating felt that it was time and effort well spent. The receipt of emailed thanks from various agents who attended the Workshops also attested to the value they perceived they gained from hearing about Nepal. It is hoped that these tourism initiatives will be an annual event.

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